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We stumble upon a lot of things on any given day – extra change in our pockets, a really good restaurant right next to the office, the fact that we forgot to take out the laundry. All in a day's work. Accidentally stumbling upon undiscovered archaeological sites? Just a casual day in Alexandria, apparently.

Egyptian authorities have unintentionally, yet thankfully, stumbled upon undiscovered historical monuments in Alexandria. Roughly 20 archaeological sites were discovered in the East and Middle of Alexandria, dating back to the Greco-Roman and Ptolemaic era.

Just in time for the the season of archaeological excavations in mid-September, Egyptian and foreign missions are out and about examining the area through excavations -- with the official announcement coming later this month. According to Khaled Abul-Hamad, the director of Alexandria Archaeological Area, this is only the beginning of successive findings.


Source: Egypt Independent