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Costa Rica has started a campaign to stop people from taking selfies with animals. In recent years, you’ve probably noticed an ever-increasing number of selfies with adorable animals on your feed. We get it, those animals can be irresistible, but things have taken a bad turn (as these things often do) and Costa Rica is leading the charge to stop this trend from continuing.

The campaign, which was set up by the Costa Rican Institute and the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), is called #stopanimalselfies – direct and to the point. The Vice Minister of MINAE said that "our visitors must know the negative impact caused by selfies and photos showing direct contact with wild animals".

The adorable selfie that started it all. (via RT)

The reason for the campaign is threefold. First, it’s about treating the animals with respect; picking the animals up unexpectedly might scare them. Second, there is a risk of diseases being passed between humans and animals. And finally, since animal selfies have become so popular, locals have started capturing animals illegally and forcing them to live in unnatural environments so they can make money off of tourists who want some selfies.

You can still take that selfie, but no matter how cute these animals are or how desperate you are for a selfie, remember to keep a safe distance, treat them with respect, and don’t try to feed them or get their attention by making sounds – not only will you annoy them, but you’ll look stupid if you do.

Source: BBC