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There's definitely no shortage of gorgeous beaches in the Middle East, from Jordan and Lebanon all the way to Turkey. But Egypt still seems to have a certain edge when it comes to stunning scenery and sandy beaches, as evidenced by several polls across the world – like the one recently held by TripAdvisor in which a beach in Sharm el Sheikh was selected as the best in the region. Not too far from Sharm el Sheikh is Dahab and, according to the most recent list by National Geographic, Dahab has the best beaches in the Middle East.

The list had beaches from Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, and other countries, but Dahab's beaches came out on top. With the Blue Hole, Blue Lagoon, Abu Galoum, Three Pools, and pretty much every other strip of beach in the city, you'll definitely find no shortage of breathtaking beaches with cold water and sandy shores in this gorgeous little town in Sinai. Plus, it's a diver's haven.

Source: National Geographic