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Anyone who’s been on a Euro trip can agree that Easyjet is one of the most affordable airlines. Financially, the tickets are mostly cheaper than any other transportation methods, but it’s got some hefty influence on the environment. The carbon footprint of each traveler has caused an environmental movement, and there’s a bit of shaming associated with it. On the other hand, most European airlines are now on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of their fleets, but Easyjet is going the extra mile aiming for “zero impact” on the environment.

Last Tuesday, the company announced that they’re committed to finishing the year working towards earning the title of the world’s “first major airline to operate net-zero carbon flights by offsetting the carbon emissions from the fuel used on the flights.” The company’s had an eventful year, increasing its passenger numbers by 8.6 percent to reach 96.1 million. Britain’s biggest budget airline has managed to increase flying by over 10 percent in a year, getting its revenue to £6,385 million.

Now, it's using up some of the revenues in efforts of its ambitious plans of going net-zero. Over the next year, Easyjet is planning to spend £25 million to “compensate for every tonne of CO2 emitted from fuel used for its flights, by ensuring there is one tonne less in the atmosphere.” Its master plan includes physically removing CO2 from the air by planting trees and avoiding any additional releases of CO2. Will there ever be enough trees to even out the carbon’s effect reduced by their massive fleets on the environment? Well, at least they’re trying.

Source: Daily Hive.