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In case Egyptians have charmed you and you’re already planning your next trip to Egypt, you don’t need to worry much about going through the process of getting a visa at the airport with every visit. Egypt has announced extending the period of permitted stay for tourists to cover the period of five years. The original permitted stay upon entrance is 90 days per entry, but this extension means that you could basically enter anytime within the period of five years granted that you won’t be staying more than 90 days each time. The five-year visa extension can be extended through Egyptian consulates across the world or through the electronic visa portal online.

Other initiatives on this front include the “Summer in Upper Egypt” initiative, meant to encourage tourists to visit historic winter hotspots Luxor and Aswan during their offseason – the intensity of the summer heat.  The initiative includes offering a $10 discount on visas for tourists who choose to land in Luxor Airport between the months of June and August. This is besides providing entry visas for anyone coming in from the US, UK, and the Schengen Area. Currently, the tourist visa is issued at $25 for single entry and $60 for multiple-entry.

The country has been working hard on simplifying the visa process for years in efforts of encouraging tourism in Egypt. There’s the e-visa portal, which has been working as a substitute for visas granted at the point of entry. In 2019, Egypt announced the completion of the first phase of this project, covering 46 countries and offering visa application systems for multiple nationalities -- but only for single-entry visas with a maximum 30-day stay. This is all in efforts to facilitate the visa process and encourage travelers – businessmen, specifically – to visit the country. 

Source: Egypt Independent