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Egypt's Ministry of Environment just issued new rules regulating the fees for national protectorates in the governorates of South Sinai and the Red Sea. Before you start asking, yes, this does include our beloved Blue Hole. But don't worry, the fees are actually reasonable and affordable. Let's break it down...

Getting any of the Red Sea and South Sinai's natural protectorates will now cost foreigners $5, while Egyptians are expected to pay 25 EGP and children under the age of 7 can enter for free. Vehicles taking up to 5 people can enter for $5/vehicle for foreigners, with any larger vehicles costing double for entry. For Egyptians, 5-passenger vehicles are 25 EGP/vehicle for entry, and double for any larger vehicles. These fees are applicable daily from 8 AM until sunset; you're still welcome to camp out overnight, but you'll be charged double. Headed out on a yacht to go snorkeling or diving? You'll be paying $1 for each passenger on board the boat. You can expect prices to shoot up quite a bit since the boats themselves are now required to pay between $10 – $60 depending on the length of the boat.

The list of natural protectorates to which these new fees applies includes Ras Mohamed, Taba, Abu Galoum, Nabaq, Saint Cathrine, the Northern Islands, Wadi El Gemal, and Elba. If you're headed to El Gozor El Beida in Hurghada, fees are $10 for foreigners and 50 EGP for Egyptians. 

Given the incredible natural beauty you get to enjoy at any of these sights, these numbers are basically nothing.

So when can you expect to start paying?

These fees will be implemented in three months' time – so in November 2019 – except for the Blue Hole, Abu Galom, and the Northern Islands where the fees have been implemented since August 10th.

Source: Youm7