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Yesterday, Egypt announced that it’s closing off all airports around the country and suspending all flights starting Thursday noon and up till the end of March. This is a step in the right direction for the country, after suspending schools, universities, events, and gyms for two weeks, it only makes sense in this quarantine process to control the novel virus. Last week, the Ministry of Immigration called out for all Egyptians abroad to reach out to the Ministry in case they were stranded abroad with no way to get back with all the lockdowns and the cancellations. But unfortunately, the situation with the Coronavirus outbreak has escalated beyond that, and closing the airports altogether also means that Egyptian nationals who are currently abroad, will have to stay abroad.

But in a true Egyptians way, since the announcement was made, the hashtag #احنا_في_ضهرك has been going viral. The hashtag, which literally translates to we’ve got your back, started out in the Facebook travel group 'Travel Secrets Club' and has been going viral on social media. Egyptians are using this hashtag to call out for others who were traveling when the announcement was made and are not able to get back home before the decision of closing the airports comes into effect. The idea came after so many people that were currently traveling were asking about the flights cancellations. Shortly after, the posts had started calling out for any Egyptian who’s currently abroad and can’t book a flight or their flight was cancelled, if they’re running out of money, or if they can’t find a place to stay during this quarantine.

The posts are heartwarming. It’s all people who are opening up their homes for anyone who can’t get to theirs. In less than a day, the hashtag got trending with posts from people in France, Italy, Thailand, and every other place you can imagine. Go on Facebook and search #احنا_في_ضهرك for some positivity between all the depressing news.

Source: Travel Secrets Club on Facebook.