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Summer is travel high season for so many destinations, airlines, hotels, and a full calendar of festivals and parties. But with the Coronavirus outbreak, everything is cancelled. Everything. And it looks like summer vacations will likely be off the table this year as tourists put off traveling to avoid catching the novel virus. The demand for travel has taken a downward turn amid the outbreak, and the doom of the travel sector is lingering. Airlines are grounding flights as airports close down, tourist sights are deserted, and every event that was due to happen this year is either cancelled or postponed. This is good news for flattening the curve and dodging the virus, but terrible news for anyone who had any plans for this year, and the worst possible news for the once-thriving travel sector. With Easter holidays off the table and summer vacations most probably not an option, staycation might be the default answer for everyone around the world. While some have accepted their fate – like with Japan postponing the 2020 Olympics, Dubai postponing Expo 2020, and even Egypt postponing the opening of the long-awaited Grand Egyptian Museum – Ibiza is not having it.

The party island of Ibiza in Spain is fighting to stay afloat. The Ibiza spring/summer season is off the table with this pandemic outbreak, and all events that were due to happen this summer are cancelled -- but all hope is not lost. For those who were looking to party on the island this year, there are no cancellations, only rescheduling your plans. Promoters and venue owners on the island are planning to relaunch the ‘Ibiza Season’ in October in efforts to mitigate the pandemic’s damage on the tourism sector. A group of party throwers have come together to launch the #MoveYourSpring campaign, asking people to continue with their holiday plans, just a little later on in the year. Some events have already confirmed rescheduling, hopping onto the new Ibiza season in October. The campaign said it hoped the idea would see Ibiza become 'the chosen destination to celebrate the end of this bad dream'. According to Diario de Ibiza, the organizers said "We want to make Ibiza the ideal destination to celebrate life. We are a pioneer destination in the tourism sector and this is a great opportunity to record it and demonstrate it again for one more season."

While traveling for leisure is not an option for the time being, it doesn’t mean you can’t use the downtime to start brainstorming and planning your next trips. In fact, you can score some pretty good deals and give yourself something to look forward to without taking a huge risk. Everything may seem dark and depressing right now, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. While spring is cancelled and we’re spending it at home, there are lots of things to look forward to. Think about the world post-pandemic; all the postponed things that are finally going to happen and how the world will be adamant about enjoying every second of it after so many days spent inside. And maybe consider Ibiza for a party in October.

Source: LAD Bible