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Jeddah’s new airport has a big statement piece, and it’s here to steal a title from Dubai. The airport now houses the world’s biggest airport aquarium with about 2,000 rare types of fish swimming around. This pièce de résistance has found its home in Saudi Arabia’s most recent and busiest airport in Jeddah.

The aquarium, which is officially the biggest airport aquarium worldwide, stands at 14 meters tall, with a diameter of 10 meters, and a capacity of one million liters. Inside, it’s filled with a mixture of freshwater and German salts kept at a constant degree of 26 for the fish inside. It houses a variety of fish, including a couple of sharks, dogfish, trevally, triggerfish and Napoleon fish, which are fed automatically with fresh seafood and algae. 

With a capacity of 30 million passengers annually, the new Jeddah airport is big and busy. The design of the building was inspired by the Saudi environment in general and that of the historical sites in Jeddah, and there are some green areas around and within the terminal adding to the beauty of the building.

This grand project is only fitting to Saudi Arabia’s big plans to rebrand itself as a hotspot destination for travelers worldwide, with their newly issued tourism visa, new airports, and their big future plans. 

Source: Saudi Gazette