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Arab passport holders all know the struggle of applying for a visa only to have their Euro-trip dreams crushed by a rejection stamp – we're not talking about you, UAE. The Lebanese passport ranks 99th in the world, which means they have to go through the visa application process to enter most countries around the world, but that doesn’t hold the Lebanese people back from traveling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier; word's out that a number of European embassies in Beirut have taken a decision to reduce the duration of tourist entry visas to Europe to a period of less than six months to holders of the Lebanese passport. The only exceptions to this rule are political figures, businessmen, and senior officials.

Apparently, this rule has already been adopted by multiple embassies since last summer, so if you didn’t get a six-month Schengen visa, it’s not you, it’s the new rules. There were no specific reasons for this decision, which is only limited to tourist visas, while non-tourist entry visas were not affected. Currently, holders of Lebanese passports get visa-free access to 40 countries worldwide, but it seems that the Lebanese are keen on going to Europe. With the number of Schengen applications increasing, the rejection rates are also skyrocketing and those who get it aren't lucky enough for longer-term visas. 

Source: The 961