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Malawi just announced the introduction of an e-visa system that will be active on November 1st, exempting you from going through the paperwork and the endless hassle of embassy visits. Instead, you can now apply online through Malawi's new e-visa portal.

Before applying, you'll need to check whether or not you're eligible using their Visa Eligibility Wizard, which not only tells you your eligibility status but will also state the requirements needed for you to apply. Next, you'll have to create an account That will become your user ID through the process, then start the application process; once you'll filled in the application and scanned the required documents, you'll be able to pay the fees online via debit or a credit card. You can apply for a single entry visa valid for 90 days for $75, or a multiple entry visa valid for six months at $150, or valid for 12 months at $225.

The entire e-visa process for Malawi will take three working days and you will receive the approval letter via email. Make sure you print out that approval letter because you'll need it at the entry port.

Source: Lonely Planet