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Starting February 2nd, 2020, all Schengen visa applicants will be subject to a new Schengen Visa Code that, among other changes, will see a 33 percent increase in visa fees. The updated code, which was adopted by the EU Council in June 2019, applies to all European Union Member States as well as associate countries participating in the Schengen Agreement. The changes are to be implemented in a bid to ease legitimate travel and fight illegal migration.

Noteworthy changes to the Schengen Visa code are:
1. Fees will be at 80 euros instead of the current 60 euros.
2. Applicants will be able to file an application 6 months before their intended trip (currently, its only 3 months).
3. The latest that an application is submitted is two weeks prior to travel.
4. Schengen member countries are obliged to outsource visa admission to other member countries or visa processing service centres in countries where they do not have representation.
5. The EU will start penalizing third countries refusing to cooperate on the readmission of irregular migrants by restricting visa measures.

Source: Schengen Visa Info