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Anyone who's been to Nepal could tell you how beautiful it is, but few have experienced it as up close and personal as Omar Samra, who became the first Egyptian and youngest Arab to climb the world's highest peak, Mount Everest, 12 years ago. That was one of the 17 times Samra's been to Nepal, but you can't blame him – from day one he made friends that turned family and business partners, with his adventure travel company (Wild Guanabana) now leading multiple trekking and climbing trips across the country's incredible natural wonders and landscapes. On May 27th, the embassy of Nepal in Egypt honoured Samra and named him a Visit Nepal 2020 Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal.This comes as part of Nepal's plans to promote tourism and cultural exchange and understanding between the people of the country and those of Egypt. The ceremony, which was hosted by the ambassador of Nepal to Egypt, highlighted Nepal's beautiful locations and attractions, like the Himalayas, natural wild reserves, and UNESCO cultural heritage sites.Nepal is focusing on attracting more tourists from around the world, and it's becoming quite the environment for all sorts of investments in various sectors. The ceremony, which took place in the heart of the city at the Hotel Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah, was centered around tourism in Nepal – especially in 2020, designated 'Visit Nepal Year 2020'. During the event – which was attended by people from the tourism, media, and trade and investment sectors – Samra shared some of his Nepal stories in a heartwarming speech that told the story of his 65-day Everest expedition and his love of the friendly people and beautiful natural landscapes. In his speech, Samra also gave tribute to Sherief Elabd who recently became the second Egyptian to summit Everest – hopefully the next Egyptian to do it is a female, Samra says. Nepali Ambassador to Egypt, Mr. Jhabindra Prasad Aryal, thanked Samra for his role and efforts in promoting tourism in Nepal.