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Some cities are on absolutely everyone’s travel bucket list, but do they have the capacity to entertain that many travelers? The short answer is no. Rome is one of the most popular destinations in all of Europe, receiving millions of visitors each year, and yes tourists are good for business but when it exceeds a certain point it becomes what’s currently known as “overtourism.” The historic sites groan under the pressure of a million tourists and the world’s becoming more and more creative in their ways of lessening that. Amsterdam has started enforcing Europe’s highest visitor tax for those who stay overnight, while Venice has taken it a step further, enforcing taxes for day-trippers as well.

The list of new restrictions to crack down overtourism in Rome ensues. As an extension to banning tourist stands that sell souvenirs from the touristic areas, Rome has announced building a barrier around the symbolic landmark Fontana di Trevi. You can rarely see the iconic fountain free of hoards of tourists, posing and trying to get the perfect shot of them throwing coins over their shoulders. But of course, there’s always that group of tourists who ruin it for everyone else, damaging the landmark whether it’s intended or not. The newly enforced rules are to prevent tourists from sitting on the edge of the fountain or even to bathe in it – seriously, some people actually did that trying to imitate that scene from La Dolce Vita. Rome's city council approved a resolution to build barriers around the iconic monument, putting an end to their daily battle of trying to preserve the fountain from reckless tourist behavior. Other than the barriers, there will be continuous patrols in the area making sure the monuments aren’t being damaged.

You're gonna have to toss your coins from a bit further away and hope for the best.

Source: Matador Network