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With close to half a billion users a month, TripAdvisor is one of the most heavily used travel websites in the world, giving users information about everything they need to know about a country they're travelling to based on other user reviews, from accommodation to the best restaurants in town. Yet, the renowned website has been under fire lately, with several reports and reviews concerning sexual assault or misconduct in some of the businesses promoted by TripAdvisor – 1,100 last year alone.

This is why the travel website announced they're adding a new feature to their reviews that will allow users to access information about the safety of a particular entity. The first application of those features is a "traveller safety review" option, which will allow users to search about safety related incidents in any reviews about hotels and other businesses – a feature that will be made available in all of the platform's 28 languages. Through this feature, users will get to filter whatever they're looking for through several safety concerns like sexual harassment, drugging, mugging, and others.

The second safety feature sees TripAdvisor adding an alert at the top of each review with safety information about the place, to make it easier for users to access this specific review among the rest.

In either case, some find the system to be flawed, even with the added features, because it will require victims to make an account of whatever they experienced, and the businesses will get to publicly reply to the allegations made by the victims. TripAdvisor will not be applying any penalties to businesses that were found guilty  –– the hotel can basically keep its top star rating. TripAdvisor did state that these changes were just the beginning of further steps the site plans on taking to further improve safety information for its users.

Source: The Guardian