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The Home Office has announced granting UK visa extensions to all foreign nationals stranded in Britain due to COVID-19. They’re currently receiving requests from anyone in the UK whose visa expired or is set to expire anywhere between the 24th of January and 31st of May 2020. Due to the inability to travel under the current circumstances, whether for self-isolating or due to canceled flights, filling the Home Office form will allow you to stay longer in the country without having to fly out. People who would usually have to apply from overseas to longer-term visas can now apply from within the UK, benefitting anyone whose visa expires by the end of May.

The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) department of the Home Office has also announced keeping the processing fees for 2020/21 unchanged from 2019. Up until 2018, the fees to process visa, settlement, and citizenship applications had been gradually increasing above inflation for many years. But with the current situation, they’ve announced stopping the sharp increase freezing the fees as of April 6th, 2020 and for one year.

Anyone stuck in the UK can simply fill this online form to be able to stay at least until 31 May 2020 without worrying about the expiring visa. However, if you overstay due to coronavirus, you won’t be penalized for future visa applications.

Source: Work Permit.