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Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in not just Italy, but the whole world. If you were planning to add Venice to your next Euro trip, there’s a new tourist tax in town. Starting summer 2020, Venice has confirmed a new day tripper tax, reaching up to €10 (the equivalent of $11.33) at certain times throughout the year.

Dubbed as “a contribution for access” to the city overcrowded by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, the tax, which was supposed to be implemented since last May, was delayed to give time for officials to work out the details. The last update announced was that the tax will be rolled out starting July 1st, 2020. The new rule states that day trippers to the canal city will be charged a €3 off-season tax, which will go up to €8 during high seasons, and a maximum of €10 during critical periods, such as weekends in the summer when the city is overwhelmed by the amount of tourists received. Since travelers who choose to spend the night in Venice already pay a tax as part of their accommodation fees, this new tax is for foreign day-trippers in the city, stopping by Venice for some daytime sightseeing and that Gondola shot.

The technicalities of this new tax will be announced in the upcoming months, but it’s likely to be through an online pre-payment system for day-trippers, whether they arrive by train, plane, bus, or a ship. The aim of this new policy is to clamp down on the number of tourists that choose to stop by in Venice, which reaches up to 30 million visitors every year.

The penalty for skipping the tax has not been defined yet, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Just another thing to be added to the list of things travelers have to keep in mind before visiting Italy. If you’re planning to visit soon, here’s a list of 10 strange rules that could get you in trouble in Italy as a tourist. Pro-tip: don't even think about dipping your toes into the canals in Venice! 

Source: Lonely Planet.