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The world’s longest flight keeps getting longer. This year, the world’s longest non-stop flight route will begin its test runs with a record 19 hours! Flying directly from New York and London all the way across the world to the capital of the Land Down Under could become a reality soon enough. 

Over the course of three months, from October to December, three flights will be tested out using the new Boeing 787-9s; two will be flying out of New York to Sydney and one from London to Sydney, all courtesy of Qanta’s Project Sunrise. 

This will be a first for commercial flights directly flying from New York to Sydney and a second from London to Sydney. The flights will be minimal in terms of weight, carrying only 40 people including crew, in order to increase fuel range. It’s more complicated than you might think; the company has medical experts and scientists testing out sleep patterns, food and beverage consumption, lighting, and in-flight entertainment – all to assess the impact of a 19-hour flight on the human body. Let’s hope they consider legroom as well.

The Australian company is aiming to minimize the jetlag effect on its travelers, creating an enjoyable, restful flight. The employees of Qantas will have to wear technological devices in order to participate in experiments for all stages of the 19-hour flight. The final decision of the test runs will be made by December 2019.

Imagine being stuck on a 19-hour flight with a screaming child; we wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemy.

Source: Dailyhive