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With new years come new chances! Okay, no, this isn't about to be a schpiel on setting new life-changing resolutions; your six-pack dream can wait, your daily gym routine might need to be snoozed, and new year's resolutions are definitely not the place for new career achievements. Actually, we'd rather set some fun, relaxing resolutions that won’t require regret or readjustment a year later: holiday resolutions! Those are probably the best resolutions you could ever make, and the ones more likely to have the highest success rate.

Unfortunately, 2020 in Egypt isn’t stuffed to the brim with days off around every corner; as disappointing as it may sound, most of the holidays are originally days off. We'll need all the fingers we can cross for long weekends out of compensation days.


January 7th is Christmas and it's a day off, but it also happens to be a Tuesday and we're not sure which will prevail – the Christmas spirit or Tuesday and its dark powers. Either way, seize the opportunity and turn the Tuesday into a bridge opportunity; you can either take two days before (Sunday, Monday) or two days after (Wednesday, Thursday), or be a boss and bridge both ways and wind up with the happiest start to your new year. Whatever you do – whether you start off with five days or nine days – make sure to use your vacation well because you're going to be left high and dry until April. January 25th is normally a holiday but it falls on a Saturday so we're crossing our fingers for a long weekend at least. Here's hoping.

With April comes Sham el Nesim on Monday the 20th; for a four-day break take Sunday the 19th off. You won’t have enough time to get out of Egypt, but still you can go and explore a new place locally. It seems that all the holidays that are meant to be on the 25th are falling on Saturdays this year, so Sinai Liberation Day is on a Saturday. Crossing more fingers for a long weekend. 

Labor Day is on the first of May but unfortunately falls on a Friday. We'll have to wait 23 calendar days until we get to Eid el Fitr on the 24th, and that'll be the first real opportunity for you to get out of Egypt. The 24th is a Sunday so Eid ends on a Tuesday; secure your Wednesday-Thursday bridge to the weekend and you'll end up with an eight-day trip. What are you waiting for? This is the optimal opportunity for you to book your time off and book your flights right away. Not much else is guaranteed this year.

With the 30th of June Revolution falling on a Tuesday, you have the opportunity to take on a five-day break; again, all you have to do is figure out which of the bridges you want to take – before, after, or both. There's a silver lining behind Egypt's many revolutions – days off! In July we've got the 23rd falling on a Thursday so there's a long weekend there. Arafat Day is on Thursday the 30th of July, and a four-day vacation comes along with Eid el Adha for a total of five days between Thursday the 30th and Monday the 3rd. You can always add from Tuesday the 4th to Thursday the 6th for an over-extended vacation, but it's a bit of a stretch. Either way, you've got one more long weekend on August 20th for Islamic New Year.

What comes next will be the 6th of October, which happens to be the Tuesday – it looks like Tuesdays may finally have a chance to build a better reputation with Egyptians this year. By now you know how to bridge your Tuesdays, so do what you need to do. Last but not least is Prophet Muhammad’s birthday on Thursday the 29th of October for yet another long weekend.

This year might not have much to offer in the vacation department, but there are still several long weekends. You also have three bridge opportunities on Tuesdays, so this might the year you choose to seize the opportunities and travel local while seizing the Eid El Fitr Holiday to get your passport stamped.