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Getting around in Egypt is a lot of things, but fun it isn't. Fortunately, with time and technology, things have been looking a bit better over the past few years. One of the more relevant advances in the murky waters of transportation has been the digitization of booking train tickets in the country. The Egyptian Railway Network, while not exactly sophisticated, is quite extensive and it connects most governorates within the country. This is how you can book your ticket to any destination in Egypt without leaving the comfort of your home.


We'll start off with heading to the Egyptian National Railways website, but you'll need to create a new user account before you can do anything else. You'll input your personal data and register in the system so you can book and review your tickets.

STEP 2: BROWSE THROUGH THE TRAIN SCHEDULEAfter registering your new account, you can now browse through the different train stations across the country, but DON'T forget to agree to terms and conditions so you can be redirected to the reservations page.


You can choose your preferred dates and train class. After selecting stations and dates, you'll get different train options and times as well to choose from.


After you choose the dates and press 'next', you'll be redirected to a page where you'll fill out your personal information. This is a crucial part of the reservation process because your personal information will be checked on the train. Egyptians will need to enter their National ID information, while foreigners can enter their passport information to book tickets. 

STEP 5: PAYNext up is paying the ticket fare, and you can do that using a credit card (see below).


Always carry the identification with which you booked your ticket, whether that's a passport or a national ID. The conductor might ask to check for it on the train.

Print your reservation details before boarding the train because the conductor will ask to see the ticket information.

You can book as many seats as you want for the same train as long as the person who has the reservation under their name is on board.

The ENR website says you should carry the credit card with which the reservation was made, but they almost never really check if the person has it with them.