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There was a point in almost every girl's life where she dreamt of being a flight attendant, spending every night in a different city and calling the skies home. For some, we grew up and pursued a different dream, but we still daydream about living the flight attendant life every once in a while. Sure, it might not be as glamorous as we all think it is, but there's still a certain charm to it we just can't shake. On November 30th, tens of people with down syndrome and their families headed to Cairo Airport to be part of the Journey of Humanity, flying from Cairo to Khartoum, Africa's Humanitarian Capital 2020, to attend workshops and forums for people with special needs and their families. Journey of Humanity was organized under the auspices of the UN International Committee for people with special needs in cooperation with Smart Mind Training Center in Khartoum.Heba Atef, a third-year Mass Communications student at the Arab Open University in Egypt, has always had the flight attendant dream, and on that morning she headed to the airport in her suit to be the first flight attendant with that extra awesome chromosome. Flying with Badr Aviation Company, Heba stole the spotlight and even took pictures with the crew an in the cockpit. Heba is not the only Egyptian defying the odds and shining with the extra chromosome; recently, Mohamed Hussein was the first Egyptian with down syndrome who made it all the way to the peak of Mount Moses.